The Digital Scholarship Steering Group brings together interested parties and participate in the oversight of digital scholarship activity in the College. It meets up to four times a year, and has input into decisions on spending in digital scholarship made within CAHSS. It formally reports to LISC (Library and Information Services Committee), to ensure integration into structures of accountability within the College.


The Group’s remit:

  • facilitate communications across and within the College and its Schools on digital scholarship matters
  • collectively raise visibility of College activities in digital scholarship
  • provide strategic direction for the College’s activities in digital scholarship
  • determine the shape of the College training programme for digital research, digital literacy, digital skills
  • identify partners to provide services for training and development
  • consider and respond to digital scholarship issues and challenges presented by other College and University committees
  • be seen as the go-to group for expertise and representation in the area of digital scholarship for the College
  • take a proactive approach to the development and implementation of digital scholarship strategy and activity
  • identify, share and promote good practice in digital scholarship within the College
  • oversee overall programme of digital scholarship events
  • a source of ideas that will enhance the overall profile of digital scholarship within the College
  • act in an advisory capacity to College research and teaching and learning committees


The Steering Group is formally tied to the following committees:

  • College Library and Information Strategy Committee
  • University IT and Library Committee
  • College Research Committee
  • College Undergraduate Learning and Teaching and Postgraduate Studies Committees, where appropriate
  • Schools of Informatics and Geography
  • Edinburgh Data Science
  • Information Services


Convener of College LACC/LISC

Convener of College LACC/LISC Secretary

Digital Scholarship Assistants

Helen Bradley

Emma Cockburn


Representation from each School to include established researchers and early-career researchers

Postgraduate research student representation

College Chief Information Officer

College Head of Academic Administration

Representatives from external University units, including Information Services, EDINA and Informatics.